Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The view from here

Tomorrow my first born is 4 years old. I was feeling a little baby-birthday nostalgia yesterday evening, and as often happens when I visit other blogs I came across a post that resonated.

As it turns out this is a long winded way of saying I saw an idea that I liked and stole it. I need to step up here and admit that I can't actually remember where I read the original post as it wasn't one of my regular haunts. So not only am I stealing, I'm also not giving any accurate credit. Its basically plagiarism folks.

Nonetheless here it is...

To mark Jamie's transition from 3 to 4 I gave him our digital camera and asked him to take 10 photo's of things that were important and/or interesting to him.

Here are the results. The comments are in his own words.

Jamie's World.

This monument is the pump. There is a smaller and a big one. I took them both together. A wasp stung me by here the other day.

My grabber is useful for grabbing stuff sometimes when I pretend to be a rubbish collector.

This is an ancient tree. That means very old. Its so big and fat.

This is a conker. I found the outside of it in the park and stepped on it with my shoe and there was it!

Half a Tom-0saurus. He's my best friend. He's holding Roki. I had to take a picture because it was important.

Travis. He's my favourite toy in the world ever. Today. I like him.

This monster truck is my favourite car ever as well. But some days I like other things.

This is my cheese string. Its a brush. I strung it myself. I liked it so I took a picture.

Its flowers. They are nice colours. They are outside in the day, in town but they're not there now.

These beautiful necklaces are very pretty. They are outside in Dorchester.

This is a feather, maybe from a Peacock? (giggles). I found it by the hair dresser's wall. Mummy is holding it for me.

This is a dino. A Triceratops. I like the horns and the colour and the big stompy feet. I accidentally got some of the fence in.

Now check this out..


a li'l bit squishy said...

gawk!! how beautiful, lovely, smart, adorable, etc. some of the shots turned out really great too, looks like he may have his mom's touch!!

Louise said...

This is wonderful! I love the idea, and I think I may steal it too - maybe make mine her own scrapbook for it too...ideas ideas!

I love the "big stompy feet" too. :)

Shawn (Barbara & Claire) said...

I note that Jamie either has trouble with his math skills (Uncle Shawn would be more than happy to help here) or he couldn't decide on 10 pictures so posted 12. Maybe it's too much Sesame Street with that Pinball thing that counts to 12. Nonetheless we are planning on stealing this idea, although might need reminding of it when Claire is old enough to actually handle the camera rather than suck on it. Everyone says hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE! All capitals were definitely necessary due to the loud screams of it resonating in our household. Can't wait for you to be in Canada for your next birthday!

littlehouse said...

I wondered who would be the first to notice that.... should have guessed it would be the math teacher ;)

daydreamymama said...

Wow! I LOVE this idea. My Charlie is going to turn four at the end of October, so I'm going to follow your lead and steal this idea too. He's also obsessed with the camera, so it works out well.
And I have to tell you, I just read your piece on trying to come up with a ritual about gratitude and all that, and it really resonated with me too -- I've had the same struggles and the same questions you have. I tried to come up with a semi-pagan, semi-Buddhist pre-meal grace for us to say, but it ended up feeling a little too artificial. I'm still working on it!