Saturday, 27 December 2008

Writers Block

Opportunities to post have been a little thin on the ground lately. Often times its the lack of just that; time, but also a wanting for content inspiration that isn't completely 'did you see what my sweety kid did today..??'

Actually that's not it at all.

not a lack of content, but a total landslide of things to write about that I buried under immovable loads of indecision. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that I'm the worst person ever to be out to dinner with due to my total lack of ability to choose a meal from a menu. This is that times a gazillion.

The blocks in this case come in three forms.

One: The
'the-issue-I-really-really-want-to-write-about-feels-so-big-that-I-need-to-be-in-just-the-right-space-to-even-contemplate-beginning' block.
This is a tricky one. Its akin, in a way, to starting a family. The perpetual 'I will wait until....' problem of the never quite perfect time. When I started this blog it was, in part to give me a forum to write about my experience with post pardum depression. Haven't done that yet. Hum...
I'd better wait until I'm.......

Two: The
'ok-if-I-don't-write-about-that-then-at-least-I-should-write-about-something-meaningful-not-just-the-ho-hum' block. See here..
I also often need a 'prop' to get me inspired to write here. A quote, an experience, a story. I guess life has been moving along in a busy but oddly normal way. Go figure.

And finally, (drum roll...) number three: The
'Occasionally-I-remember-that-talking-constantly-about-my-children-isn't-always-totally-fascinating-to-the-rest-of-the-world' block.
We all know it. We love our children, and these little people are truly amazing. Not only that but they totally consume most of our waking life (and believe me, the waking is more consuming in itself than I'd want...:)
Whilst writing about parenting is likely to remain the backbone of what I do here, as it is to remain the foremost influence in my life, I sometime need to remind myself that I have a wider identity, and I'm occasionally conscious that other people probably don't find my children and antics as a parent fascinating
all the time. Most, yes....

Along the same vein as wanting to check a little of the
incessantly writing about my own children, is writing about the angst that comes with parenting.

Writing about parenting my boys, in this defuse community of bloggers, addresses the fundamental truth that putting these parts of ourselves out there in their raw, messy, honest form is a step toward breaking the silence that sometimes exists amongst women when it comes to our imperfection as parents, and
its such a comfort to get the comments of solidarity in those moments that feel like you must be the very first one to experience these challenges.

That said it is also
so true for me that angst perpetuates angst.

Fellow blogger Erin introduced me to this word: omphaloskepsis. A little of this is absolutely has its place, but at some point we need to switch on the lights, finish the beer, turn off the Tori Amos and move on.

So here it is for today... Number 3, upheld in part. See? No angst.. :)

My children are so, so yummy I simply want to eat them up.

Our Christmas was filled with family, love, great toys, turkey, crackers, cold walks on the beach and very excited (and often over tired) children. Fun was had by all.
Now we are looking toward a new year of great adventure.

Love to all.

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