Friday, 7 November 2008

A whole lota nothin'

A warning before you get involved in the reading process here. This, despite all indications to the contrary, isn't actually a post....

I have just given this blog address to a friend (hello Wendy) and now feel obliged to make some sort of effort to.. well... write something. And, frankly, tonight effort is what it is. I've had two (count em' two) glasses of wine, its 11.15pm.. and, well that's enough these days. To compound this I've now read this back and feel completely old and pathetic. god.

So here it is (n't):

I'm trying out a photo blog. The idea is to post one picture a week that I like. To inject some intentionality and discipline into the process of building my skills, refining my style.

With that in mind the Blog is called 'Monday', for obvious reasons.

What I see now is that the flaw in this process is that I'm actually only meant to post on Monday. Thus there's not much up yet.

There is a first post, which was in fact made on a Tuesday, followed by three more posts (on Thursday and Friday respectively). See? Discipline.

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