Wednesday, 16 April 2008


So I feel a little bit bad for all the whinging in the last few posts and wanted to let everyone know that the sickness is over and we just had a really great weekend.

In a moment of reckless spontaneity we decided to take the van and go camping for a couple of nights. We ventured into the wilds of the Jurassic Coast (read: a mile outside Bridport, a whole 45 minutes from our house) to a little village called Eype.

The site was on the side of a cliff (I exaggerate not) and for some totally nonsensical reason the 3 other visitors were pitched on the side furthest away from the amazing sea views. After manoeuvring the van, pitching our little storage tent, gazing at the view, almost getting blown over by the gale force winds and moving the van to the other side of the site we settle down for some warm supper, hot chocolate and bed.

The big news of this first night is that Jamie is out of sleep diapers and is actually dry all night. Coming in a close second is the tent blowing away across the field and Marti going out at 2 am in a huge storm to get it back and take it down...ahhh camping.

The weather was pretty blustery all weekend, but that meant the scattered showers forecast were just that, and most of the time was sunny. We hung out on the beach, hunted for fossils, explored the village and country side, and did a long cliff walk to the next town over for fish and chips. Jamie walked all the way. I'm super impressed.

The pictures do a better job of the story than me... Enjoy.
First pitch. See? Great Views....

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Louise said...

You have the cutest baby! Don't forget to email me your snail mail address, so I can post out the hat!