Friday, 11 April 2008

Really Little House

Someone asked me the other day why the blog was called 'Little House', and if it had anything to do with the classic Laura Ingalls Wilder books.
As satisfying as it would be to claim that depth and literary connection its actually not so.

Our house is simply really small. I can here you saying, 'yeah, mine too...' but you underestimate the true meaning of small in terms of English houses. Ours clocks in at about 515 sq feet total, over 6 rooms and 3 floors. It was built sometime in the 1880's as a stable hands house, and probably housed more than one family at that time!
All I can say is that its a good thing that, with 2 young boys, this is a temporary adventure in quaint English cottage!

To give you an idea I've copied a piece below that Marti wrote a while ago...

"I've always found it a challenge getting people to believe me when I say that our house is really small. We really do live in one of the smallest houses in Dorchester...

The other day Kate and I walked in after a quick trip to the grocery. The day was a typical Dorset autumn day -- slightly overcast, with a brisk wind blowing off the channel.
Opening the door and walking in, I sighed "mmmm.... toasty warm".

Our house is a "mid terrace" house, meaning we share walls on either side with our neighbour. While this helps to keep down the heat loss, it doesn't generate much warmth. We don't have central heating, so the fact that the temperature inside was significantly warmer than the outside was a bit surprising.

The mystery resolved itself about five minutes later, when I leaned against the kitchen counter. Apparently, when we had left the house a half hour earlier we had forgotten to unplug our eight inch George Foreman grill, that had then heated the whole house!"

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Louise said...

Awww, nice little house!! That's pretty small, but 3 floors is cool. We have 1 floor and more than twice the square footage!!