Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Storm in a teacup

Lots of news this week about the big storm hitting the south coast, en route from Canada. I was going to write a deep, reflective post about how perfect a metaphor this is for our lives with Jamie at the moment, because he has seriously been a 'big storm' with all its raging, wilds and unpredictability and, oh metaphoric perfection, he is even the baby 'from Canada'. But, who would have guessed it, it turns out not to be.

Jamie has been sweet, even tempered (for the most part - see post below re: perfection!) interesting and joyful all week. Even the pre-school teachers commented on it.."he's like a different person" (actually not sure I know how I feel about that one, but I am choosing to let it go into the cosmos, rather than analyse it to death. See? Growth!)

Actually all of us are settling down this week. Noah is finally over the awful cough and barfing, and I am.. well, more chilled and generally joyful. Not that a little more sleep wouldn't be most welcome, but we're getting by, and feel, for the first time really in 6 months mostly like our heads are a little above water.

So, in the absence of good metaphor, some photo's of what actually turned out not to be quite as big a storm as was predicted (ooh look - I knew it was hiding somewhere!!)

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