Tuesday, 23 March 2010

walk with us.

I'm SO bad at keeping up with this.

ITS SPRING!!!! Did you hear me there, in Outer Mongolia?

I want to say just this: No snow suits.

NO SNOW SUITS! Did I mention that already? All winter I've wrestled 2 small people unwillingly into half a tone of down filled, fleeced, wool, thinsulated, hermetically sealed cocoons. 3 times a day. The end of all this deserves mentioning
at least twice.

( and I know, you people in Canada. There is
definitely one more snow storm coming. You've seen snow every month here since you were 7.. Blah Blah. I'm not listening...)

We like to get out and walk all year round. But its so much easier when its warm (er) out. There are birds, little signs of rebirth everywhere we look, and we can pop out for a half hour stroll with very little drama (see above..)

Enjoy coming with us on this one (and tell me about the places you welcome spring) ....

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andrea from the fishbowl said...

Oh Mer Blue is so pretty.

And I love "no snow suit" weather too. I long for days we can just slide into sandals and bolt out the door. *sigh*

We like to welcome spring at Maplelawn gardens. (Next to the Keg on Richmond Road.) Great place for kids.