Sunday, 13 September 2009

Riding the waves

The blog has been sadly neglected these past few months. In part because I'm simply unsure how to follow the last post. But here we are, and follow I will, with Enzo, Carlos and Isabelle in my heart.

Much, much transition of late. In fact we are now literally a world away.
After months (or was it years, or did it, in fact not end from the last time..?) of boxes, sorting, donating, bubble wrapping, packing taping (never, NEVER skimp here. Go for the good stuff. I promise that the bottoms of you boxes and your breakable kitchen dishes will thank you) we are back in Canada.

There are so many move stories to tell that I don't know where to start, and I've left it too late to re-live, so I'll give you the Coles Notes version and we can all move on..

The Plane Ride: A disaster flick of epic proportions, in two acts.
2 boys under 5. 1 parent. Half our lives in the luggage. 8 hour flight. 5 hour stop over in the middle of the night (I think. What time zone were we in..???). Seats in 3 separate rows assigned by airline.
You get the picture. I am now
that person. You know. The one you see in the boarding area and pray to god you are not sitting close to? Yup. That would be me.

My wonderful man, who we had been without for 4 long weeks, searched with all his heart and found us a house. In a moment of loving supportive gratitude I cried when I saw it and asked him if there was
any way possible we could still get out of the lease. I know. Not proud.

But we are moved in (a little) and it is growing on me more every day. The neighbourhood is lovely, the parks are fab, the space and light are great, and the kitchen, well, its there, and the fridge is nice. I can let go of my great new kitchen in far away England. For now.

I am feeling an odd mix of coming home, and feeling displaced. I greive the loss of what we have left deeply, but this will be the right place for us. As I write those words I know to be true they belie the queasy, nagging worry that comes to me with any time of uncertainty. I am working hard at keeping it hidden, or at least in it's small place. In the sunshine that has been constant since we came, the glassy depths of the lake, the friendships reconnected, the spinning, sliding, climbing joy of the new park and the hustle and bustle of just
life its not so hard. But......

So, we are tired, but smiling. Broken dishes and all.

And Jamie, my Jamie, has started school. But that's another post.

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a li'l bit squishy said...

Hugs with love for you all as you settle into your new home and welcome back to Canada! And an extra high five for Jamie and his coming successes at school!!!!

Martyn Norris said...

We miss you. If it makes you feel better it's just started raining.

Louise said...

You've been nominated :)

daydreamymama said...

Welcome back... you've been missed. I'm glad you survived your move, and I hear you about the house: I felt something similar when I moved into my current house, which we've been in for 8 years and counting! but it has grown on me, and it's fine. although I'd still like a new kitchen!
Moving is hard....

kate said...

How are things? How is school? Are you feeling settled? Getting snow (we're getting dumped on...finally) :)