Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I had planned to write a seasonal post , full of summer rituals and warmth.

Instead I'm curled up in my warmest PJ's and a sweater (at 9pm...) seriously contemplating turning the fire on.. My hair is almost dry from the walk to pre-school at 1pm and the windows of the house are steamy from the drying rain coats and boots.

July last year saw 88.4 mm of rain in this region - the wettest since 1978, and according to my shoes we are on target to get that in just one day this year. And the 94% humidity has left my hair looking like one enormous 80's back comb without the aid of hairspray (and the acid green leggings..).

What I'm left vaguely wondering is, if humidity is a measure of moisture in the air, how can pissing rain only be 94%??

On a brighter note I have just booked our camping for August. We are excited.

'Where are you going?' I hear you cry...

Wales. The wettest part of the United Kingdom. yeah.

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