Friday, 6 June 2008

Along the beach

One ticked off on the 48/480 list last weekend. A relatively easy one, but something that needed a little extra push to actually get done, and so worth the effort.

That is really the spirit of the list - the making intentional of the seemingly every day - things that tend to get overlooked.

This mini-adventure was walking the length of Studland Beach, part of the Dorset Coast Path that we have been walking in pieces since 2006. Its a beautiful stretch of protected and unspoiled sand and dunes, about 20 miles from where we live. The route took us through the nature reserve to the end of the stretch and back along the beach. The route was about 5 miles long, and Jamie walked for most of it.

We had a beautiful day.. Enjoy the pictures.

Marti and Jamie at the start of the walk

The dunes

Along the beach

Jamie in a hole :)

Noah's first time in the sea

Self portrait

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Louise said...

awwww I love the one of Noah in the sea!