Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Kate's Top 13 List ( in no particular order) as of right this second..

1) I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen sing 'Old Dan Tucker' with a huge kitchen gig band backing him. Its totally great!! Who would have guessed it?

2) Came across this
site and I'm so caught up in the moment I'm gonna stick some stuff together and call it craft. Creativity is stirring. It must be spring.
If I make it through without A) breaking something (and I don't mean a leg or anything actually on me) B) Getting sidetracked half way through or C) gluing something to the floor I'll post pictures.

If you visit the above check out community and 'Holly B'. She's my neighbour :)

3) The awesome pasta Marti made for supper last night:

Pasta a la Morgan:

Butter (about 3 tablespoons)
Uncooked bacon, cut into small pieces *optional
5 parsnips, cut into thin-ish strips
1 sweet potato, cut as parsnip
2 cloves garlic
2 sprigs of rosemary, chopped
Dried pasta (about 300g, or enough to feed however many are eating!!)
Grated Parmesan

Melt butter in wok / large pan
*Add bacon, cook until crispy
Add all veg
Stir fry until soft (about 10 mins). Add garlic and rosemary part way through this process
Cook pasta in water
Toss veggies / bacon mix and pasta together
Serve with a liberal sprinkle of Parmesan.

4) The line up and ethos for the
Tolpuddle Festival 2008. Weird, eclectic, funky, and, well Billy Bragg.

5) Our new, shared 1983 VW T25 camper, Daisy, who will be taking us to the above!

6) Our local dump. Debated putting this as it sounds so skanky but we've just rescued a great old fire place surround, and a chair. Go recycling!

7) The West Wing. I know its over, but still the smartest, sharpest, most interesting thing not on TV

8) The colour Sage Green. I'm addicted. (see the kitchen wall, couch, bedroom curtains, throw.. need I say more??)

9) Warm, sunshiny days. Sounds obvious right? I just can't get enough of finally being outside, and not rushing on because of being completely freezing. We are such beach bums all year, but heat makes it that little bit more relaxed, if less atmospheric.

10) The US race for the Democratic nomination. Totally insane system, and even the most left is too far right for me, but its got my political mind racing. What a good place to be in when 1. there is finally a race on the left worth watching, 2. its between a black man and a woman, and 3. there is passion, idealism, and hope being sent forth from the podium.

11) Clear lip gloss. 'Nuf said.

12) American author Catherine Newman. Her book 'Waiting for Birdy' and
Dalai Mama blog in Wondertime magazine. Funny, moving, totally relate -able writing for parent types.

13) The song 'Earl had to die' by the Dixie Chicks. Cut to the chase lyrics, great music for driving. And I'm not a country music fan

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a li'l bit squishy said...

Kate, I should probably comment more since I read your blog almost everyday? Instead I wrote a little hommage to you on my blog. I love this list. I used to keep a gratitude journal and everyday I would think of at least five things I was grateful for, somedays it was difficult but that was before kids. Shockingly now, I think I would have trouble stopping at just five. Keep at it, girl!!